June 18, 2024

Ongoing professional development for engineers: local opportunities to study bulk solids

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Professional development is one of the most important endeavors any career-minded employee can participate in.

Your education doesn’t have to end just because you have a job. Instead, professional development provides you with the opportunity to continue growing, learning and keeping up to date with new trends, policies and safety news in the field of engineering and advanced manufacturing. 

If you’re an engineer who works with bulk solids and you’re looking for options to enhance or expand your knowledge of the advanced manufacturing industry, K-State Olathe offers an assortment of programs designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to upskill. 

Each advanced manufacturing course provides you with the opportunity to dig deeper into the world of bulk solids so you can expand your understanding of trends and processes while moving forward in your career. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Why professional development? 

Professional development provides employees with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and practical application skills. Training doesn’t end once you land your job, so it’s important to continue seeking out professional development opportunities where you can develop your skills, network and stay up to date on the latest trends and processes in advanced manufacturing. 

Professional development courses can provide you with: 

  • A place to ask specific questions and processing and handling 
  • An opportunity to network with other professionals in the bulk solids space 
  • Safety information to ensure best practices are followed 
  • Space to level up your skills if you already work in the advanced manufacturing industry and an opportunity to begin learning if you’re new 

Attending professional development events also demonstrates to your boss that you’re committed to furthering your growth and enhancing your abilities as an employee, teammate and leader. 

What can I learn at a K-State Olathe bulk solids course? 

When you attend a professional development event on campus, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics. Each event includes the chance to network with professionals, as well as receive detailed answers to your specific questions about processing; however, the content of each course varies. 

For example, at our upcoming course Dust Collection and Safety: Learning the Fundamentals, you’ll have a chance to learn about industrial hygiene and cleanliness, why dust collection is important, the basics of cyclone design and performance, fan selection and sizing, filter efficiency and more. 

Note that we do offer customized training sessions, as well, so if you’re an employer who wants a specific option for supporting your employees in their professional development, reach out. We’d love to talk about how we can help support your team. 

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How do I get started?

You can find a complete list of our upcoming advanced manufacturing courses directly on our website. Each course is designed to cover a different area of advanced manufacturing, so you can attend multiple classes and walk away with new knowledge each time. If you have specific questions about a particular course, please reach out to our professional development team for additional guidance.  

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