February 5, 2024

Bake, sizzle and stir: three ways to ensure your food business succeeds

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Have you been looking for ways to launch your food business?

Maybe you have spent the last few years perfecting a cookie recipe and you dream of opening a bakery. Perhaps you have been thinking about launching a food truck in your area and you have already started scouting out the perfect vehicles. Maybe you are the type of person who isn’t quite sure exactly what your food business will look like, but you are ready to get some guidance so you can narrow down your vision.

No matter where you are in your food business journey, there are three important steps you can take to set yourself up for success. 

1. Find local support 

One of the most important steps any entrepreneur can take is finding local support. Having a person, space or organization that can help you with your efforts is key. Remember that you don’t have to try to reach your dreams alone. There are plenty of people who want to help you succeed. 

K-State Olathe is just one resource you can use on your pathway to success. We offer affordable shared kitchen space where you can scale up your business, develop your recipes or simply conduct your baking. Whether you need large kitchen equipment or you’re simply hoping you can get some advice and input from our on-site chefs, we’re ready to help support you locally. 

Of course, if you’re not quite ready to launch your business but you still want to develop your skills, local classes on cooking, business and leadership can help you prepare. Running a business takes more than having a great product and developing those business and leadership skills will take you one step closer to reaching your goals. 

2. Attend events that will help you grow 

Did you know that there are in-person resources available to help support you in your journey as you move forward in your food business career and goals? One of the best ways you can find support, guidance and mentorship is by attending an event such as Food Biz Con. This event is held annually and is specifically designed to offer entrepreneurs assistance in creating, developing and leveling up mobile food businesses. 

"This conference is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs who have an idea for a food business but have never started one and for those who are early in their business venture," said Bryan Severns, food programs manager at K-State Olathe, director of the Food Innovation Accelerator and one of the conference organizers. "As the 3rd annual Food Biz Con, it just gets better and better." 

This year, attendees will be able to attend a variety of sessions designed to support you regardless of where you are in your business journey. Attend Food Biz Con for sessions such as “Crafting a Winning Value Proposition,” “Food Truckers Panel,” “Pricing Your Food Products,” “The Work-Life Balance Panel” and “Funding Options Panel.” 

3. Be ready to learn 

Growing, developing and launching a business is an exciting experience, but it’s also a learning process. Be sure to maintain a ready-to-learn attitude so you can make the most of your entire food business journey. There are many ways to learn how to enhance your business — including hands-on coaching, support from the K-State Olathe food programs and services team and attending food conferences — but the ability to learn starts with your own attitude. 

Whether you are just launching your food business or you are looking for ways to expand, grow and develop your products, take some time to ask yourself questions such as: 

  • What are my business goals for this month? This year? 
  • What steps do I need to take to improve my marketing? 
  • Am I ready to upscale my business? 
  • Do I understand who my target demographic is and how to reach them? 
  • What areas of my business do I need extra support in? 

Of course, you can always reach out to the team at K-State Olathe for additional assistance, support and ideas. Our Food Innovation Accelerator is designed to support you throughout your food business journey and we’d love the opportunity to work with you. 

"We love seeing entrepreneurs and businesses blossom and grow," said Matt Arnold, food programs and services coordinator at K-State Olathe. "One of the best things about being part of K-State Olathe is being able to work with people in a hands-on way to watch their dreams and ideas turn into reality. Whether our kitchen clients have a solid plan for success or they'd like some guidance, we love working with them throughout the entire process.” 

Want more ideas for growing your business? Check out our client testimonials to see some of the ways we’ve helped support local Johnson County food businesses. 

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